1) Q: Are Viore TVs wall mountable?

A: Yes, all Viore models above 10" are wall mountable and are VESA compliant which means the bracket you get must be VESA standard.

2) Q: Can you connect video game systems to the unit?

A: Yes, this TV offers many inputs for your video game system. Depending on your Gaming System and TV, there are different variations (AV, S-video, Component, or HDMI) of options to allow you to get the most out of your gaming console and TV.

3) Q: Can the unit be used as a computer monitor?

A: Many of our models can be used as Computer monitors as well. As long as the model has a VGA or HDMI input then you can connect your computer using the supported resolutions in your user manual.

4) Q: Does the unit have a sleep or alarm feature?

A: Our units do in fact have a sleep timer option for your convenience to put the TV to sleep when it is on, but it does not have the ability to wake up on its own.

5) Q: Do I need an antenna to use this unit if I don't subscribe to a Cable or Satellite service?

A: Yes, you will need a Digital Antenna if you don't have a cable or satellite provider.

6) Q: Where does the LED backlight come from in the LED units?

A: Our LED units have Edge Lit LED backlighting technology. This technology consists of the light coming from the edges of the panel as opposed to Full Array LED Backlighting which uses more light and more wattage.

7) Q: Why does my TV display the message "No Signal"?

A: Check the input menu. Make sure that you select the correct input relative to how your source is connected. Also make sure the device you have connected to the TV is on and operating correctly.

8) Q: Why is my TV is displaying the resolution at 720P when I have a 1080P TV?

A: You will see on the below chart that not all stations broadcast in 1080p or 1080i. Certain networks do broadcast in 720p. You have to use a HD Set-Top Box connected with an HDMI or Component Cable. There are also often settings within your set-top box that regulate the resolution of the picture. But even after changing those settings, that won't change what resolution the station is broadcasting at.

Source resolution name Resolution in pixels HDTV? Progressive-scan? Wide-screen? Networks/sources
1080p 1,920x1080 Yes Yes Yes Blu-ray and future HD-DVD players; PlayStation 3
1080i 1,920x1080 Yes No Yes Includes: CBS, NBC, PBS, Discovery
HD, Xbox 360
Premium channels HBO, Showtime, etc
720P 1,280x720 Yes Yes Yes ABC, Fox,

9) Q: Why do I only have a few channels on my portable TV?

A: Try moving the unit and rescanning the channels. You may find that a location outside or closer to a window works better than others. Also by attaching the magnet antenna to metal may help bring in more channels.

10) Q: I just purchased a portable TV and it will not turn on. Why?

A: You must make sure that you have charged the TV the full 16 hours on the initial charge.

11) Q: What kind of files does my 7" TV support via SD Card or USB Stick?

Picture: JPEG
Music: MP3
Video: AVI Only*

*The unit will support AVI files only but they must be converted to a specific format within the AVI file. This unit will only support specific video codec's so it is more than likely that you will have to convert and encode your file to play it on the unit. Please email our Technical Support department to obtain the supported formats and settings the video file must be in at HYPERLINK "mailto:techsupport@viore.com" techsupport@viore.com.

12) Q: Why are there black or grey bars on the sides of my picture?

A: The aspect ratio of HDTV is 16:9 (1.78:1). However, movies and shows are filmed at several different aspect ratios, including 2.35:1. Anything with a wider aspect ratio still requires the use of letterboxing ("black bars") to fit the entire image on screen. Some TVs and DVD players have a zoom function that allows you to blow up the image so it fills the screen, but the sides of the image will be cropped.

13) Q: I just set up my TV and it is asking me to scan my channels. What does this mean?

A: When you first turn on your TV you will get a message on the screen to run the Channel Scan first. If you are connecting an antenna or cable without a set top box to the TV, then you will have to run this scan in order for the TV to find and memorize your local or cable channels that are available to you. Please see the below steps for this:

Press the "Menu" button on your remote control to access the TV menu.

Scroll over to the "Channel Tab" and select it.

Scroll down and select "Tuner Mode". Then choose your appropriate tuner mode ("Air" or "Cable").

Proceed down to "Channel Scan" or "Auto Scan" and select this. You may get a confirmation screen to initialize the scan in which you select "Yes" and the TV will start to scan all your channels.

After this process is completed then you may now view your local or cable channels by pressing the corresponding number or by pressing the Channel Up or Down on your remote control.

14) Q: Why is the image from my DVD player, Cable box, or Satellite receiver in black and white?
A: Verify that the connections and cables used into the Viore are correctly connected. When using the Component or Analog HD connection, you should use the red, green, and blue video and, red and white audio cable connectors from the source device into the Viore TV. If you are using the yellow, red and white cable connectors from your source device into the Viore, you should be connected to one of the AV connections.

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